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Brand new kitchen for a fraction of the cost

In a kitchen, it’s not just about what you use for design and functionality. The material choices have an impact on how long your space will last as well!

In today’s world of kitchens being used by multiple generations at once-for both work food prep but also socializing together—functionalities are important too because who wants to be cooking alone in their own personal oven? And yet still there is room for creativity with color schemes or textures when renovating old ones into something new again while keeping its character intact if possible

Our team of highly trained, insured kitchen extension contractors are able to transform your home into the perfect place

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house and adding on like an extension can make your home feel more spacious. But did you know it has other benefits too?

For instance, creating room for dining or preparing food could be reasons why some homeowners want this extra space; while others might enjoy garden views from their new layout which they aren’t getting with just two walls (and no windows!).

The Benefits of Kitchen Renovations

Getting classic or modern kitchen extension with Total Kitchens and Bathrooms is a great way to bring about numerous aesthetic and practical benefits, some of which include:

  • Kitchen are integral in the experience of a home, and choosing one with an eye for detail can set you apart from others. Not only does it matter what’s on your countertops or how big they are – even aesthetic factors like colors have their own value!
  • Transform your kitchen into the perfect cooking space. We’ll give you everything that is missing and then some, starting with an open layout for maximum visibility of all appliances including a huge island in front of them so there’s always room to work or socialize while preparing meals at home.
  • Redesigning your kitchen to be more spacious and practical will make cleaning a breeze. You’ll have room for everything, meaning that when the time comes you can get rid of all those pesky cabinet doors without feeling cramped in!

Reasons to Choose Us

We offer quality extension services for your home, including striking kitchen refurbishments. Here are some additional reasons why we’re a top choice:

  • We’ll listen to your needs and create a kitchen that fits you perfectly.
  • You’ll get a professional installation, saving you time and money.
  • Your friends will be impressed with how stylish your new kitchen is.
  • You can show off your beautiful new space to everyone who visits!

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If you’re looking for a complete kitchen extension, the Total Kitchens & Bathrooms team will be able to provide it. We offer free consultations before committing any work and make sure there aren’t any hidden costs by checking up on renovations after six months of completion with our customer satisfaction guarantee!

The best part is that we also provide design services so if your dream bathroom isn’t in sight yet or need help planning out how everything should go together once remodelled – just give us call; no job too big nor small.

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